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Support Technique - Connection to your VPS

Connect to your VPS server

Managing a VPS server is done through the SSH protocol and SFTP
- SSH: Secure Shell; It is a communication protocol that allows you to send commands to your server, and to get back the result of the command
- SFTP SSH File Transfer Protocol; A file transfer protocol based on SSH

So the first one allows the command execution on your machine, and the second one to send or receive a file on your machine.

Among the tools available on the Internet, the ones we recommend in view of their simplicity are:
- Putty for SSH communication (
- WinSCP for file transfer via SFTP (

These two tools will ask you for the login credentials available in your customer panel. (The host / server requested by these softwares is the public IP address of your VPS)

To initiate an SSH connection:
1) Open Putty
2) Enter the IP address in the "Host Name" field
3) Press the "Open" button (or press the Enter key)
4) A window opens, you will be asked for the username. You will have to type at this time "root" which is the administrator user of your VPS server
5) A line break asks you for your user's password. This password is available in your customer panel, in the "Administration" section of your VPS
6) The welcome message is displayed