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Support Technique - FTP Configuration

What is FTP?

FTPis an acronym for File Transfer Protocol(French: File Transfer Protocol)
More clearly, it is a protocol allowing two machines to exchange files with each other. The FTP exchange consists of a computer that communicates with a server via an FTP client.

The FTP protocol is of interest primarily to Internet hosts, because it is used to manage the files hosted by the server, transfer the source code of the webmaster to the server, etc etc ...

- The FTP clientis a software that will allow its user to exchange (send, download or modify) the files hosted on the hard drive of the server.
- The FTP serveris a software that will manage the exchanges between the client and the hard disk of the server. It is he who will control the access rights to the various elements of the hard disk

Connect to its FTP space:

In order to send content for the production of its website to Nextwab's web servers, it is essential to configure its FTP access.
FTP servers provide the link between your personal computer and the Nextwab web servers.

To configure your FTP access:

1) Download & Install an FTP client (in our example: FileZilla Client)
2) Go to the FTP part of your customer panel

In the box: Add an FTP account

3) Fill in a username
4) Fill in a password
5) The information in a folder is strictly optional, by default, your FTP configuration will use the root folder.

You now have the host name (, the connection port (21), the username and the password required for the FTP connection!